Me and mister ‘Seven’

Leadership coaching, with Horses

And the difference between knowing and experiencing

Why horses?

  • They do not having an intimidating set of teeth ready to devour you
  • they move in groups and outnumber potential predators in masses
  • they are fast and skittish, built to run away from danger
  • their eyes are on the sides of their head, allowing them a more all-round view to observe predators sneaking up on either sides of them

Pick one.

What I’ve learnt

Especially big things like to follow

They decide themselves who to follow. Not the leader.

Be creative in interventions

When you have a goal, don’t shy away from taking different, and even stronger measures to get there.

Don’t expect others to see what you see

Be sensitive for the perception of those that follow


We’ve helped each other that day. It was a two way exchange.



Seriously passionate in understanding how stuff works

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