Me and mister ‘Seven’

During the pandemic I’ve been assisting my team lead with the multi-year plan for my company. I’ve invested quite some energy in that, and this didn’t went unnoticed by my lead and his. I’ve received a voucher with a certain amount of credit that I could spend on an activity…

Let me start off with that I never, ever, considered the term ‘pathfinder’ to be found in my resumé. It wasn’t the title that I fell for. It was the job that got me.

How I got here

I’ve been programming the majority of my career. I’ve been an entrepreneur in the Enterprise Resource…

Do you know that famous equation? I’m sure you do. E=Mc². Before you stop reading let me tell you this won’t be a post with complex stuff. Just some basic rational thinking with the hope to make you as excited as I am about innovative energy solutions.

So, that equation.

It’s mind-blowing, actually…

A little over a year ago I’ve started experiencing panic attacks and later discovered I suffered from a social anxiety disorder. In April I’ve shared a story called “Large Ambitions and a Social Anxiety Disorder”. Today I’d like to take you through what I’ve learned this past year.

But why?

If there’s…

I’ve seen it happen a couple of times. And for good reasons of course! An organisation establishes its digital presence and focusses on a specific target audience, hence a specific language. Once the organisation proves to be successful, the logical step is to expand beyond the borders of a country.

We are all about serving our customers to the best of our ability. But you can only serve your customer well, if you know what they like and what they don’t like. We therefore, like many other companies, track customer behaviour on our website. Do they like the menu? Can…

PO: Hey team, what would it cost to build a car?
Team: approximately somewhere between 50 and 60K
PO: The thing is, I need the car tomorrow to get to a valuable job and I only have 30K. But I really really need it.
Team: sorry mate, can’t be done
PO: what if we’d…

Do you know that feeling? You are in a meeting and know for a fact where you need to go, but whatever you say, draw or do, you can’t seem to get through to the other(s)?

There’s a martial arts form called Aikido that inspired me a while ago to…

Every step in my career was an increase in the size of the company. And whatever they may say… Size does matter.

Big fish, little pond

Just before I came to Jumbo, I came from a company roughly around the size of 175 people. We worked on the latest technologies. I was writing Typescript…

Nature’s diversity. The ultimate inspiration of innovation

Now, I’m not religious to be honest. I’m half atheist and the other half agnostic but with a deep respect and curiosity to every religion or belief. Feel free to pick my brain about that at any moment and enlighten me if you can. …

Tim Meeuwissen

Software / Solution Architect for Work. Father, farmer, tech lover, skiing, kiting, RC stuff, 101 hobbies. Seriously passionate in understanding how stuff works

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