And how any country can do it

Do you know that famous equation? I’m sure you do. E=Mc². Before you stop reading let me tell you this won’t be a post with complex stuff. Just some basic rational thinking with the hope to make you as excited as I am about innovative energy solutions.

So, that equation.

It’s mind-blowing, actually. There’s so much that it implies. But let me take an angle that explains how it relates to saving the planet.

Energy equals mass times the square root of the speed of light.

In other words:

If you take a super small amount of material (mass), and you multiply it by a ridiculously…

9 tools that helped on the road to recovery

A little over a year ago I’ve started experiencing panic attacks and later discovered I suffered from a social anxiety disorder. In April I’ve shared a story called “Large Ambitions and a Social Anxiety Disorder”. Today I’d like to take you through what I’ve learned this past year.

But why?

If there’s one thing that I have been most amazed about, it is the sheer amount of people that suffer from anxieties. It is way more common than you might think. When I published my story, a really large amount of people — publicly as well as privately — told me about…

When your platform is no longer suited to internationalise.

I’ve seen it happen a couple of times. And for good reasons of course! An organisation establishes its digital presence and focusses on a specific target audience, hence a specific language. Once the organisation proves to be successful, the logical step is to expand beyond the borders of a country.

This comes with its obvious challenges. The financial, logistical, marketing and content aspects of the endeavour are quite evident. And since the internet (nearly) has no borders, the step to adjust our online presence to accommodate these new customers seems trivial, right? …

We are all about serving our customers to the best of our ability. But you can only serve your customer well, if you know what they like and what they don’t like. We therefore, like many other companies, track customer behaviour on our website. Do they like the menu? Can they find what they are looking for? How well is our new feature found and can we remove some old features?

There’s nothing new here. Any company, small or big, does this in some form.

It starts to become interesting though, when you work with many teams on different aspects…

PO: Hey team, what would it cost to build a car? Team: approximately somewhere between 50 and 60K PO: The thing is, I need the car tomorrow to get to a valuable job and I only have 30K. But I really really need it. Team: sorry mate, can’t be done PO: what if we’d put in that old engine we have laying around? Team: might reduce the total with 7K, but it’s not reliable PO: okay but I need it tomorrow, it will last. How about the seats, can we drive without those? Team: sure, but the experience will be…

Especially when you think you know the answer

Do you know that feeling? You are in a meeting and know for a fact where you need to go, but whatever you say, draw or do, you can’t seem to get through to the other(s)?

There’s a martial arts form called Aikido that inspired me a while ago to change the way I handle these situations, and it has proven itself to be of great value.

Aikido is the art of neutralising an attack, not an opponent


Whenever emotions are running high and pressure builds within a person or a group, the force on a direction increases. It’s like…

Changing your perspective can be the key

Every step in my career was an increase in the size of the company. And whatever they may say… Size does matter.

Big fish, little pond

Just before I came to Jumbo, I came from a company roughly around the size of 175 people. We worked on the latest technologies. I was writing Typescript, Erlang and Python. We successfully did infrastructure as code with terraform and puppet, wrote masses of microservices which we ran on Kubernetes, were early adopters of Google Cloud Platform and used the majority of their services. From Bigquery, looker, and pubsub, to Kubernetes, compute and so much more. …

Nature’s diversity. The ultimate inspiration of innovation

If god created everything, then the act of creation is divine.

Now, I’m not religious to be honest. I’m half atheist and the other half agnostic but with a deep respect and curiosity to every religion or belief. Feel free to pick my brain about that at any moment and enlighten me if you can. Nonetheless, I’m convinced that if there where one thing to be named divine, it would be the act of creation.

To see something you’ve created rising as more than the sum of its parts, has something magical and majestic to it. You can understand all the individual pieces a creation is comprised of. But as soon…

Why I will become a CTO one day

I am completely aware that by writing this story, I expose myself in all my vulnerability. But I think that this vulnerability is the exact thing that makes me human. And I should never hide being human. I should never hide myself for simply being me. Because I’m me, at work and outside of work. This article is probably way too long and personal for anyone to read, but I need to write this. So here it goes.

When it all became too much

I think I’ve always been a bit shy. Introvert. Strongly focussed on how things work, highly analytical. I remember the construct of…

Immediately sweet | Cooking for energy

Where enterprise architecture and agile development meet

Size matters, when it comes to your companies’ digital presence. The bigger you become, the more you’ll have to split your solutions up into individual pieces you can allocate ownership for. Not the first time I reference Conway’s law ;-).

This big team / solution of individual pieces introduces new complexities that you won’t have when the scale is limited.

Complexity as an inhibitor for innovation

The bigger your application is, the more bombastic RFC’s might seem. Each change seems to make a tremendous impact.

  • Because a new subject easily touches a lot of the solution you already have.
  • Because everything seems relevant.
  • Because as soon…

Tim Meeuwissen

Software / Solution Architect for Work. Father, farmer, tech lover, skiing, kiting, RC stuff, 101 hobbies. Seriously passionate in understanding how stuff works

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